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The Longest Piano In the World

Inspired by Yo-Yo-Ma’s Songs of Comfort project, this special house concert series brings together comforting piano music in a time of great distress and pain. Enjoy a series of free live-streamed recitals each Saturday at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern. Each concert uses high-end, professional, audio-visual gear in order to capture the nuances and dynamics of the music.

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List of All Upcoming Live-Streamed Events

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Live-Streamed Concert – Summer Improv
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Testimonials from Viewers
“I think you are breaking new ground as far as exposing people to live classical music performances. Keep it up. I have shared your streamed performances with a number of friends and they are so happy to receive them and get to know you and your YouTube channel.”
“Daniel has a Great personality, and is a dynamic performer and talent. To be up front and personal listening to a fabulous concert in my home, doesn’t get any better than that.”
“Well done! Have throughly enjoyed the concerts. Daniel is a fabulous pianist & personality! Looking forward to more concerts.”
“The concerts are excellent. Dan makes it fun. I really enjoy the comments about the works he plays.”
“The performance on Sat Apr 25 with you & “your twin” was pure genius. You have a whole new group of fans & followers. In fact, it was my sister’s first intro to your magical music & she was so impressed that she asked me to get your autograph.”
“Daniel Vnukowki’s live-streams have been the best of all.”
“Usually I don’t watch much live-streamed material, but during the coronavirus lock-down when I can’t go anywhere, I have enjoyed it very much.”

A Unique & Engaging Virtual Experience

Adjust your volume settings and then sit back and relax, as you become engulfed in the sounds of this beautiful hand-crafted instrument, also known as the “Lion” among concert pianists.

Note: Quality headphones are strongly recommended in order to get the most out of this unique virtual experience!

  • Experience the warmth and depth of sound of a Fazioli F308 – a crowned jewel among concert grands, prized by such pianists as Herbie Hancock, Angela Hewitt and Murray Perahia.
  • Full HD live streaming with professional, broadcast-quality audio delivered directly to your home.

  • A thrilling performance experience from start to end. Engage with the performer(s) after each concert.

  • Carefully-crafted repertoire selections and presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment to access these livestreams?
No. You can use any device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, computer) with an internet connection.
Do I have to register to watch the free livestreams?
Fill out a simple registration form and you will instantly receive a special access code required to watch the livestream. Then hop on to the live stage link on the date & time of your selected broadcast.

All times are provided using EDT or Eastern Daylight Time (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on this website. Use a free online time zone converter to find the correct time difference for your zone. (i.e.

Do I need a super-fast internet connection?

Any broadband (i.e. DSL or Cable) internet connection will allow you to enjoy the livestreams. You’ll need a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps in order to view the livestream at full HD resolution. However, if you happen to have a slower connection, the livestream will automatically adjust to your download speed.

Can I get a tax-receipt for my donation?

In order to get a tax-receipt for your donation, please donate directly through the United Way Foundation. 
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I would like to personally thank our TOP SPONSORS below for their donations, which make these livestreams possible. With your kind support, each stream makes use of the highest quality video & audio equipment, providing everyone with an unparalleled, virtual experience.

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